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Clynelish 1982-2011 The Single Malts of Scotland SV: 92pts.


Clynelish 1982-2011 The Single Malts of Scotland SV: 92pts.

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Destillationsjahr: 1982

Abfüllungsjahr: 2011

Alter: 28 Jahre

Abfüller: Speciality Drinks

Alkoholgehalt: 43,1%

Flaschengröße: 70cl

Fassnummer: 3985

Anzahl der Flaschen: 175

Sonstiges: The Single Malts of Scotland

Nicht vorrätig

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1.071,43 €/Liter


15. Dezember 1982 – 19. September 2011


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Serge Valentin (www.whiskyfun.com) bewertet diesen Clynelish mit 92 Punkten und schreibt:

“This baby comes at an unusual low strength but hey, almost 30 years old already. I guess I should add the dreadful expression ‘how time flies!’ here. Colour: straw. Nose: it’s the Clynelish I love, I guess they invented the expression ‘waxing lyrical’ for these Clynelishes. The mix of beeswax and candle wax is just staggering here. I’m so happy those great vintages are reaching the perfect ages these days. Okay, I know that’s all pointless babbling but frankly, this nose is simply perfect (Clynelish lovers ahoy!) Mouth: this isn’t whisky, it’s wine. I mean, it’s organoleptically close to some great Puligny, Riesling or to the best chenins, really. The problem is that it’s just as quaffable, which could lead to dangerous behaviours. I guess that’s why the bureaucrats invented alcohol units (are you done with your erratic babblings yet, S.?). Finish: let’s be honest, it’s not the longest Clynelish ever, and it tends to drop a bit, maybe because of the low strength. Having said that, better short and superb, right? Comments: please forgive me for those pointless tasting notes. SGP:363 – 92 points.”


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