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Talisker “Talimburg” 1972-2005 Douglas Laing for The Whisky Fair

Talisker “Talimburg” 1972-2005 Douglas Laing for The Whisky Fair

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Destillationsjahr: 1972

Abfüllungsjahr: 2005

Alter: 32 Jahre

Abfüller: Douglas Laing

Alkoholgehalt: 45,2%

Flaschengröße: 70cl

Fassnummer: DL 1568

Anzahl der Flaschen: 146

Sonstiges: Old Malt Cask for The Whisky Fair

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1271,43 €/Liter


Oktober 1972 – März 2005

Rum finished refill Hogshead


Bei Whiskybase hat dieser Talisker einen Punktedurchschnitt von 89,4 bei 33 Bewertungen (Stand 04/2018):



Serge Valentin (www.whiskyfun.com) schreibt über diesen 72er:

“I  guess one could wonder why they decided to ‘finish’ a 32 yo T******r… Let’s see if a tasting will give us some answers… Colour: gold. Nose: uh-oh, this is rather strange… The very first nosing reveals some rather heavy notes of varnish, paint thinner and glue. It then gets better, with some nice wax polish and pineapple juice coming through. The varnish notes are slowly disappearing (I say good news), the whisky getting very, very lemony and herbal. Still not utterly enjoyable, I’d say. Really strange, probably another love it or hate it indie T******r. No smoke’n’pepper that I can smell. Mouth: mmm, interesting attack! Lots of bitter almonds, marzipan and lemon PEEL, quite punchy if not bold. Some notes of gin, herbal tea, dill. Lots of spices (clove). A little bitter, I must say, with some green tannins that make your tongue stick to the palate. It gets more and more lemony with time, getting rather extreme. Oyster juice. Some will love it but some will hate it, I think. Hard to make up my mind, it’s not that I love it but I enjoy the fact that it’s so special. At least, it’s not boring – at all! Okay, I guess 87 points will do (but I wouldn’t be surprised if some would give it 95 points, and some others only, say 75!”


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